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Agricultural products packaging solutions
Trend 1: Transport packaging standardization
Closely related to transportation packaging is the pallet for transportation turnover. Because whether it is large-capacity FCL bulk transportation, or single-box/boxed transportation, it must be matched with the transport turnover pallet or the on-board size of the transport vehicle. But in this way, transportation and packaging must face two problems, one is size standardization, and the other is structure standardization.

The "big agriculture" in Europe, America and other countries developed earlier. The transportation and packaging of agricultural and fruit products in these countries has already entered the era of standardization. The most representative one is the European CF box. The CF (Common Footprint) standard is the European Corrugated Board Manufacturers Association ( FEFCO) pallet corrugated boxes, used in the transportation and packaging of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products

Trend 2: Green packaging materials
Agro-fruit products give people the impression that they are green and environmentally friendly, so the packaging materials of agro-fruit products should also strive to reflect green and environmental protection. When most agricultural and fruit products choose packaging materials for protective design, they start to choose paper packaging materials. The more common one is corrugated cardboard. The easy die-cutting and foldable properties of corrugated cardboard are used to match the appearance and shape of the agricultural fruit products. Transport protective lining with compartmental and protective features, as shown in Figure 3.

In addition, some packaging companies also use pulp molded products and paper honeycomb products as protective linings according to the characteristics and characteristics of agricultural and fruit products, which not only gives people a green and environmentally friendly feeling, but also adds creativity in the use of materials, as shown in Figure 4.

Trend 3: Packaging box/box structure design in line with the equipment automation trend

The automation trend of packaging box/box forming equipment is closely related to the design of packaging box/box type structure. In the past, the folding and forming of packaging boxes/boxes had to be done manually, but with the gradual increase in labor costs, efficient and low-cost packaging box/box forming automation equipment began to gradually replace manual operations. Due to the vigorous promotion of the European CF standard, many packaging machinery companies have begun to develop related automated packaging box/box forming equipment. 

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