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Good-looking ≠ best-selling

     How can a consumer see the information you want him to see? How to make it easier for consumers to understand the message you convey? These also need packaging to solve. This is "delivering information correctly."

Packaging is the mouth of the product, responsible for daily communication with consumers.

     In our daily communication, the other party can only be convinced if what we say is reasonable and the way we speak is acceptable. Only by "delivering the correct information and delivering the information correctly" can consumers willingly pay for it.

     Whether or not packaging can achieve its business goals depends on the touch points of the packaging that influence key consumer decisions.From the perspective of consumer purchase behavior, there are four steps that affect key decision-making: seeing, placing an order, repurchasing, and recommending.

The first step: understand who I am and what I sell in 1 second

If you can't let him know who you are on the packaging, it is difficult to sell the product to him.

The state of consumers when shopping is like driving to a crossroad, knowing where the end point is, but mentally confused, not knowing where to turn. The function of packaging is similar to a sign at an intersection. For example, when you drive 100 meters to the right to reach the strawberry farm, you will directly give a purchase signal, and consumers will immediately know "who you are".

Step 2: Provide a reason for buying, I can’t make a mistake when buying

When placing an order, consumers already know who you are and what you are selling, but consumers are faced with two problems:

Where are you

Can you make a mistake when you buy it?

Providing a strong reason for purchase is an important way for packaging to achieve business goals. Packaging is telling consumers what is good about me, how to make your life better, and to help consumers reduce the cost of choice.

Step 3: Preset the trough moment in the experience and kill it in advance

Consumers who bought and wanted to buy must have been affected by the "end-of-peak experience" during the product experience process, and felt a moment of value for money.

    Whether you can turn the ordinary experience into the ultimate in the packaging process, pull the trough back to the peak, and create a super-wowsome experience, will directly affect product repurchase and recommendation.

   I don’t know if you have been driven crazy by anti-humanity packaging:

Regardless of the quality of the product, we have experienced these very frustrating troughs in the process of unpacking and using the product, and our evaluation of the product will not be too high.


     Many people have the experience of using books to cover when eating instant noodles. Nissin instant noodles reformed this link to bring consumers' trough experience back to the peak. They designed two "cat ears" on the instant noodle cover. After we add water to the noodles, we only need to press the "cat ears" to seal the cover. After you see it, do you think "Wow! So sweet!"

    The peak experience of packaging is to preset the low moments that consumers may encounter in the process of using the product, and kill it in advance.

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