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Characteristics of surface material
The performance of raw materials is very important to product protection. Understanding the performance of materials is one of the important foundations of material structure design. Establishing reasonable control points can better detect raw materials and control the production process.

Let's explore what are the characteristics of packaging materials suitable for surface layer?

Manufacturing process: Polypropylene is made by longitudinal and transverse stretching after being melted and extruded
Good transparency
Better water resistance
low cost
Good hygiene, non-toxic and tasteless
High tensile strength
It has good chemical stability. Except for the corrosive effect of strong acid and alkali, it is insoluble in other solvents, and only some hydrocarbons have swelling effect on it.
Weather resistance is poor, easy to age and become brittle
Poor heat and cold resistance
Poor dimensional stability

Manufacturing process: PET resin T-die extruded and made by biaxial stretching
Good mechanical properties, tensile strength is the highest among all plastic films
Good stiffness
Excellent cold and heat resistance, applicable temperature range -70°C-150°C, melting point 260°C, softening point 230°C-240°C
Very good dimensional stability, and the shrinkage rate is still small at high temperatures.
Better gas barrier performance
Resistant to grease, most solvents, dilute acid, dilute alkali
Good transparency, light transmittance above 90%, poor UV transmission
Insufficiency: high cost

Manufacturing process: biaxially stretched nylon film, which can be made by blow molding or T-die extrusion at the same time
Excellent tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength, rupture strength and abrasion resistance are one of the best plastic materials
Outstanding flexibility, pinhole resistance, not easy to be pierced by the contents.
Good barrier properties, good fragrance retention, resistance to chemicals other than strong acids, especially good oil resistance
Wide operating temperature range, can be used for a long time between -60°C-130°C
Easy to absorb moisture, easy to produce size deviation after absorbing water, after absorbing moisture, it also affects the gas barrier properties
Poor water resistance

Environmental protection, good stiffness
Paper classification
Coated paper
Yellow kraft paper, white kraft paper
Medical insurance paper
Double offset paper
Main performance difference

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