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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on overseas customer visits

It has been 3 years passed since covid-19 broke out at end of 2019. Before that, Fur Path can visit customer or customer visit Fur Path smoothly.

   The biggest impact of the epidemic is on worldwide economic activity. Since the beginning of this year, the epidemic impact, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the conflict in Europe have made it difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop. Also, this year has been significantly tougher than previous years.

The epidemic forced us to carry out industrial upgrading. From cloud market, cloud dance, cloud party, cloud learning, cloud shopping etc, everything is cloudized, and "online" will become the norm.

For customer visit, we will also use online visit to realize smooth communication. Epidemic and disease will not be a problem anymore.

It is a worst times, it is also a best times. With the innovative model of the mobile Internet industry cluster, the whole world is our stage!

Lastly, let’s fight against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together. We will face to face in near future.

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